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Dirty Little Lies

As an exclusive authorized dealer of Widoberg Wido-Spray™ products for over 27 years, we are concerned to discover a disturbing trend in the spray gun industry – dirty little lies.  Apparently there are other distributors who feel the need to tell dirty little lies to sell their non-Wido-Spray guns—and use the industry leader’s name, Widoberg, as a tool to do so.  We’re GPB Distributing and it’s time to set the story straight so those ‘other distributers’ cannot continue to take advantage of good buyers like you.

Here is an easy test.  What is different about the two pictures below?

Widoberg Spray Gun Imposter Spray Gun

Answer: The Widoberg logo appears in photo #1 but is nowhere to be found in photo #2.  It’s that simple - if the gun doesn’t have the Widoberg logo, it IS NOT a Wido-Spray!

Let the truth be told:

CheckMark Widoberg is the ONLY manufacturer of the Wido-Spray and there is NO direct replacement.

CheckMark Unlike competing brands, Wido-Spray guns don’t require you to throw away entire components just because of an isolated part failure–simply replace the part and your Wido-Spray is working like new again!

CheckMark ONLY Widoberg products save you substantial money by greatly reducing production downtime and defeat rates.  Just imagine the cost savings when your official Wido-Spray gun uses up to 40% less compound and a spraying range of 60-100 PSI.

CheckMark The REAL Wido-Spray gun controls airflow using a specially designed cylinder/piston assembly.  This patented design allows the piston to compress compound and deliver it through a carbide spray nozzle at pressures of up to an incredible 1200 PSI - which translates into serious cost-savings of which no other spray gun brand can claim without distorting the facts.

CheckMark TRUE Widoberg products help support your “green” initiatives by reducing the amount of compressed air used by 50% or more.  Less compressed air consumption reduces energy requirements and helps your business be environmentally conscious while saving money.

Here is another interesting tall tale…

Lie: A spray gun provider is claiming that their gun eliminates nine wearing parts which results in simplifying maintenance.  I think Pinocchio’s nose just got longer!

Truth: Sure it does.  What can be more simple than throwing the entire nozzle away!  The truth is…the nozzle is not repairable which translates into big headaches and big cost.  Did you know that the Widoberg Wido-Spray™ nozzle (also known as head cartridge) allows for simple tool-free maintenance so that you can replace ONLY the parts that are worn?  And, this means you can flip over the valve seat to DOUBLE the lift of the carbide component.

Enough of the dirty little lies!  Go with the real thing.  Go with the facts.  Go with the Widoberg brand.  Get honest service and genuine Wido-Spray products from the exclusive Widoberg dealer - call Greg Borrosch today at 1.800.417.1440, extension 114.  Ask Greg about GPB Distributing’s Spray Gun Comparison Program and see for yourself how dirty little lies are nothing but corrosive to your business.
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